New blog!

Bonjorno people! As you’ve probably noticed: I’m offline here. And yes, I do have a reason. I started a new blog, around eight months ago.  On there I do an update, almost every 2-3 days. Curious about it?

Click here to see the blog AKA my baby :)


And yes, I’m not dead.

Oh damn, it’s getting dusty in here. Time to clean up I guess! It’s a new year -Happy New year!- and it would be great if I can start again from zero. Not that I’m deleting everything on here. Cunfusing? Let’s just say I’m back. Oh, you don’t have to remind me to the fact that this is what I always say and then let you down. Believe me, I do realise, but keeping high two blogs, a school life and my Facebook/twitter is like a full-time job -If I would earn money with that, I’d be a millionair. 

In the very beginning of ‘Curls and Clothes’ it was meant to make this a simplistic beauty-& fashionblog. I’ll be transforming this domain into a fashion-& Lifestyleblog. The reason to drop the beauty is, cause make-up and such isn’t my cup of tea.

Anyway, I promise that in future there will be blogged every week -Doesn’t mean it has to be me, friends are helping me at the moment. If you haven’t got any patience, just take a sneak peek at ‘It’s a Sarah story’.

Time for dinner here! Till the next time :)

Kisses, Sarah

Ups and Downs

Wow, I guess I kinda forgot this is my place, where I can write whatever words I want. Oh, well.. I am back now! Doesn’t that sound great? Some people do like to hear a reason for not being here and some people will shoot me when I do. Personally, I think a reason is not necessary.

There is just a lil’ thing I need your help for: Topics! I asked this for a hundred times, untill there’s nobody to answer I keep asking this. Tell me what you want to read? Sometimes I think, people need a giveaway to write a small comment, which just takes 5 minutes. Well, that’s sick!

Before I get mad: Bye Bye!


Beautiful blogger award

I am so delighted to receive another blog award. It motivates me and leads this blog to more, understand? There is no way a blogger can be sad when earning something amazing like this. This time it isn’t just an award, this is the Beautiful blogger award. You can me beautiful? Aww, one word… THANK YOU -God, I am stupid. This are two words.

It’s very simple. This award is for every blog and blogger you think is beautiful. This includes: The text on the blog, the pictures, the character of the blog and… The looks of every unique blogger.

First I am going to tell 7 things about myself which I think are weird, interesting and funny?! After that I award 7 other beautiful bloggers and blog where they can be proud of.

  1. I am scared of hairdryers. I can touch them and see them, but not use ’em.
  2. I fell in love with Paris. You’re probably thinking: Girl, everyone is. But honestly I hate my country and want to move to Paris or England! I love England. End of story :).
  3. I have no BFF, and honestly… I kind of miss that *Cry Face*.
  4. Going to bed early? That’s not in my dairy! The earliest I go sleeping in the weekend or vacation is 00.30Am.
  5. At the moment I am watching a movie and the person in it is getting a massage. I want one so badly now!
  6. Being a fashion designer is my biggest dream. I wanna fight, YEAH!
  7. I don’t know what to tell you more and not bore you so let’s go for this: I am proud on my blog and want to keep it for as long as possible!

And that are my 7 facts, which you probably already knew. Never mind I felt like telling you this! Time to make 7 other bloggers feel beautiful and proud to stick this award on their blog.

  1. Sharna Brown from My Beauty and Fashion fix
  2. Jaymie from By Jaymie – I know you like drawing, just like me, so it would be impressive if you designed a new logo/button for this award!
  3. Beth from BethLoveBeauty – You already received this award, well you deserve it as many times as possible!
  4. Fee from The Sparkling Blogette
  5. Sophie from Imitation is the greatest form of flattery -What a name ;) !
  6. Chantelle from Dolly Nails
  7. I know I am not following the ‘rules’, but all the other blogs who are very Beautiful are super popular and already received the award a long time ago.

I want to thank you for reading and congrats to the bloggers I’ve nominated! At the moment I’m working on my own created award, so if you don’t received any award yet? Don’t be sad! More’s coming soon :).

61 days challenge

Spending too much money on things we don’t need? It’s something typical for girls. But we have to be strong and say ‘No!’ to the newest Marc Jacobs perfume or that cool handbag you saw in the display. For this reason I am starting a 61 days spending ban tomorrow. Believe me, I am ‘Miss-never-stops-spending-money-on-unneeded-things’. –Is that name too long?

 61 days is precisely the amount of days which go into the next upcoming months, September and October. In comparison to other bloggers I am a sissy, because I don’t do the 100 days challenge. I know I am not able to leave my money in my piggy bank for 3 months, then why try it? Even this will be hard and at the moment I am sure I won’t finish the challenge.

Other bloggers say that making rules for yourself makes it much easier. Not that I believe that, but I made some…

  • I am not allowed to buy cosmetics. I only experiment with it in the week-ends, so I guess I have enaugh.
  • I am not allowed to buy any cute keychain nor cute jewellery.
  • I am not allowed to order things online, unless my mom tells me I can order that thing I wanted for years!
  • I can only buy 2 magazines in the upcoming two month. -I am sorry, but I jus cannot ban myself from the magazines.
  • I am not allowed to buy candy or fizzy drinks. I can buy a bottle of water when it’s really necessary.
  • I can spend my money on art materials I need for my jewellery, school related things.

After this challenge and I succeeded… Time for a little treat. What I will be giving myself is still a mystery. Whenever I have an idea of something I’ll let you know in the weekly update I’m going to do about this whole ‘event’.

to end this post I want to challenge my friend, Fee. She’s probably not going to try this and think I am stupid, cause I really think she can do this. -Does this sound mean? Oh well, let’s be honest, Fee… We both know you don’t understand the meaning of saving money ;). 

I love… Mango & Papaya

With the music I had to miss for a week, I am in the perfect mood to blog. First I had a problem with finding something I can write about, because I totally forgot I bought loads new stuff when I was in England. I had lots of fun and not a problem with the cloudy weather at all -I am not a fan of hot weather. Almost everyday-Yes, you’re reading that right- we went shopping. I enjoyed Topshop the most of all shops, cause they don’t have that in the shitty Belgium and because you just have to love their jewellery.

The product that I am the most proud about is my green Marc Jacobs bracelet, which I bought in Harvey Nichols, London. Just let’s get started before you fall asleep….

I knew ‘I love…’ from in Belgium, but never ever bought a product of it before. When I saw this lovely, huge bottle of Mango & Papaya soap on the shelves of Poundland it was like a heavenly moment -You know that moment when there are just pink clouds and you running in slowmotion to the thing you desire, in my case: This soap.

There are lots of other products from ‘I love…’ available in loads of different smells! I suggest you to go to and make every bath -or shower- your heavenly moment ;).

I bought this 500 ml bottle in poundland for… 1£ -Duhh. How much they would cost in other stores? I have no idea, sorry!

Have a lovely day and I hope you could read this without getting tangled in my words or a headache. Bye Bye -…I guess.

My summer nails

Usually I don’t wear nail polish depending on the seasons or celebrations, like: the 4th of July, Christmas,… And because I challenged myself in the beginning of the year to erase the old me, this needed to be tackled too. I told my black nail polish to make some space, cause new, bright colours were moving in -Yeah, baby! I am in the mood

Nail polish: Essence Colour&Go Mallow Yellow

To end this post I have another update. I know the word ‘update’ sound so bad, but you need to know this. Otherwise you’ll think I am dead -That’s not what we want, huh? I am leaving Belgium again. This time to a place I have never been before, called… England!

I will be spending a week with an English family, so my English can only get better! I don’t want to tell the exact place, but a little hint doesn’t hurt: It’s around 120km away from London -haha? The chance that I’ll be visiting London is pretty small. Therefore my heart is not broken, cause I guess there are a lot other and maybe nicer cities in England. Voila! That was it Hope you enjoyed. -I have the feeling I forgot something, grr

Sharna’s massive 300 followers giveaway.

Don’t we all just love giveaways? Yeah, you can better admit it. Well, I have good news for you! There is a really big & amazing giveaway going on.  And there is something else which makes it so much better: Entering is super simple. Even if you don’t have a blog you can enter, the only thing… you need a facebook account.

Sharna from the blog ‘My Beauty and Fashion Fix‘ is giving away all of these things you can see on the photo -Seems to be a lot, right? I won’t be making a list of all the items, otherwise you wouldn’t be curious anymore and you would not check her blog -Blah Blah Blah... I guess the only, logical rule is to follow her blog. That way you can stay updated about the whole giveaway. Also -I almost forgot to tell this-, The reason for hosting this is her 300 followers goal -you should better congratulate her, haha.

I wish you all good luck and you never know, perhaps you win!

There is someone I want to thank.

I know I have been off this blog a little while because of the block. And I am really sad about that. I can see how this blog is growing, in viewers and followers. This all is happening while I am not here or was.

I am writing this, cause I am back on Curls and Clothes…My blog! I have my pride back and I want to thank Sparkle Girls Life. She started a very simple blog hop not so long ago and by that way I reached a new blog record: Most new followers in one day. Yeah, you heard that right! I got 5 new ‘Supah coowl’ followers -Little inside body party. 

I suggest you to check out Sparkle Girls Life. You never know, perhaps she starts a new blog hop soon, right? Haha, don’t just go for that, not just to have a lot new followers -Wouldn’t that be a just a bit cowardly? She writes nice collection previews, hauls and a lot more. Just go discover it up there!


Hi again.

Oh, I am sorry for letting you all down a bit! I didn’t mean to, but I am quite busy with the making of new jewellery, going on trips… And -I know you won’t like to hear this, but…- I have a bloggers block *Cry face*. I like blogging so so much, but I just can’t write down a nice little text, the last couple of weeks. It would be super nice if you could give me tips or inspiration!