New blog!

Bonjorno people! As you’ve probably noticed: I’m offline here. And yes, I do have a reason. I started a new blog, around eight months ago.  On there I do an update, almost every 2-3 days. Curious about it? Click here to see the blog AKA my baby :) Advertisements

And yes, I’m not dead.

Oh damn, it’s getting dusty in here. Time to clean up I guess! It’s a new year -Happy New year!- and it would be great if I can start again from zero. Not that I’m deleting everything on here. Cunfusing? Let’s just say I’m back. Oh, you don’t have to remind me to the fact that […]

Ups and Downs

Wow, I guess I kinda forgot this is my place, where I can write whatever words I want. Oh, well.. I am back now! Doesn’t that sound great? Some people do like to hear a reason for not being here and some people will shoot me when I do. Personally, I think a reason is […]

Beautiful blogger award

I am so delighted to receive another blog award. It motivates me and leads this blog to more, understand? There is no way a blogger can be sad when earning something amazing like this. This time it isn’t just an award, this is the Beautiful blogger award. You can me beautiful? Aww, one word… THANK […]

61 days challenge

Spending too much money on things we don’t need? It’s something typical for girls. But we have to be strong and say ‘No!’ to the newest Marc Jacobs perfume or that cool handbag you saw in the display. For this reason I am starting a 61 days spending ban tomorrow. Believe me, I am ‘Miss-never-stops-spending-money-on-unneeded-things’. […]

My summer nails

Usually I don’t wear nail polish depending on the seasons or celebrations, like: the 4th of July, Christmas,… And because I challenged myself in the beginning of the year to erase the old me, this needed to be tackled too. I told my black nail polish to make some space, cause new, bright colours were […]

Hi again.

Oh, I am sorry for letting you all down a bit! I didn’t mean to, but I am quite busy with the making of new jewellery, going on trips… And -I know you won’t like to hear this, but…- I have a bloggers block *Cry face*. I like blogging so so much, but I just can’t write […]