I love… Mango & Papaya

With the music I had to miss for a week, I am in the perfect mood to blog. First I had a problem with finding something I can write about, because I totally forgot I bought loads new stuff when I was in England. I had lots of fun and not a problem with the cloudy weather at all -I am not a fan of hot weather. Almost everyday-Yes, you’re reading that right- we went shopping. I enjoyed Topshop the most of all shops, cause they don’t have that in the shitty Belgium and because you just have to love their jewellery.

The product that I am the most proud about is my green Marc Jacobs bracelet, which I bought in Harvey Nichols, London. Just let’s get started before you fall asleep….

I knew ‘I love…’ from in Belgium, but never ever bought a product of it before. When I saw this lovely, huge bottle of Mango & Papaya soap on the shelves of Poundland it was like a heavenly moment -You know that moment when there are just pink clouds and you running in slowmotion to the thing you desire, in my case: This soap.

There are lots of other products from ‘I love…’ available in loads of different smells! I suggest you to go to http://www.ilovecosmetics.eu/ and make every bath -or shower- your heavenly moment ;).

I bought this 500 ml bottle in poundland for… 1£ -Duhh. How much they would cost in other stores? I have no idea, sorry!

Have a lovely day and I hope you could read this without getting tangled in my words or a headache. Bye Bye -…I guess.


2 thoughts on “I love… Mango & Papaya

  1. Hi I found you blog through Sparkle Girls blog hop!
    I think the ‘i love…’ bath stuff usually goes for about £2 in superdrug in the UK so you got quite a bargain! I’ve only tried the Vanilla one before but the Mango and Papaya sounds lovely!

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