New blog!

Bonjorno people! As you’ve probably noticed: I’m offline here. And yes, I do have a reason. I started a new blog, around eight months ago.  On there I do an update, almost every 2-3 days. Curious about it? Click here to see the blog AKA my baby :) Advertisements

And yes, I’m not dead.

Oh damn, it’s getting dusty in here. Time to clean up I guess! It’s a new year -Happy New year!- and it would be great if I can start again from zero. Not that I’m deleting everything on here. Cunfusing? Let’s just say I’m back. Oh, you don’t have to remind me to the fact that […]

Ups and Downs

Wow, I guess I kinda forgot this is my place, where I can write whatever words I want. Oh, well.. I am back now! Doesn’t that sound great? Some people do like to hear a reason for not being here and some people will shoot me when I do. Personally, I think a reason is […]

Paris, here I come!

Yay, another personal blog post. I am very sorry if you’re not interested in my life, everyone’s personal interests -Blink ;). I thought it would be nice of me for letting you know that I won’t be online here for a couple of days. I have a pretty good reason: I am going to Paris! Tomorrow […]

My button!

I just have my first button ever. I am pretty excited, because now I am able to do button swaps with you! Here in this post I basically just wanted to share my button and the HTML code, so you would know this in case we do button swap.  You can also just put this […]


The world has been the most inspiring for me. With ‘the world’ I don’t mean planet Earth…I mean my world, the way I see life. Nobody will ever understand what’s happening inside my head, even I have moments that I don’t know that. When I see things or moves, I always turn it in to […]


Welcome everyone! This is Curls and Clothes. This is not a new blog, but this was a Dutch blog before. So, I deleted all the posts. C&C will be about fashion and beauty. If you have things you really love and want to read about that, just let me know! I will be open for […]