Guest post: Garnier Nutritionist eye roll.

Just want to quickly say thank you to Sarah for letting me guest post on her beautiful blog!
So today I was out shopping and I picked up the Garnier Nutritionist Eye roll on, this is meant
to reduce puffiness and dark circles, so I thought why not try it, can’t harm anyone! I have puffy
eyes and wrinkles under them, bearing in mind i’m only 17. Unlucky, I know. Seeing as this is for
puffy eyes I thought it might help, worth a go.
You can buy this in Superdrug for £10.20 and I’ve only had one try but it did seem to brighten
them, only slightly though, but i’ve only used it once so hopefully fingers crossed! It has caffeine
so this should give your eyes the extra lift, without you going hyper off caffeine.
I’ve never used Garnier before I don’t think, I’ve just bought some gradual tan, so I’ll be reviewing
that soon, sorry this was only a short post, I was stuck for ideas.
Thanks for reading,
Sophie xx
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Guest post: Top fashion picks for this season.

As much as I love high end fashion, I have to admit that I find catwalk looks pretty inaccessible. Not just because of the price but also because they are just so O.T.T and pretty impractical to walk down the street in! So for this guest post, I researched the hottest trends of S/S 12 (even though here in the UK we aren’t having much of a summer) and did a bit of faux online shopping to hunt for some high street style equivalents! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Cropped Tops: There are so many ways to wear cropped tees this summer. With some distressed vintage Levi’s shorts, a high waisted belted maxi skirt or give it a 50’s twist with a pretty flared skirt. On those not so sunny days, throw it on with a pair of jeans and flash a cheeky bit of midriff for an on trend summer style. There are so many styles and shapes available in most high street stores and you’d be surprised how flattering they are for all sizes as they create the illusion of a teeny tiny waist!

Pastel Shades: A few seasons ago it was bright neons but this time it is soft pastel shades such as cotton candy pink, lavender lilac and muted soft green.  Stunning particularly with a tan, if you don’t feel brave enough to go all out then opt for one piece in a pastel shade such as a bag or scarf. A really great way to inject some subtle colour into your wardrobe.

Sport Luxe: With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, fashion sportswear is bang on trend. Think mesh, neoprene and bright accent tubing. If you like comfort and style, this is the trend for you! There are no super tight pieces of clothing in this trend – loose and baggy is the way forward! Again this is another trend that suits all shapes and sizes, there are pieces for everyone. This is also great for unpredictable weather as you can layer up and it all ties in with the look.

That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed reading.
Do you like any of these trends? Which pieces would you wear?
A fairly short guest post I know but didn’t want to subject all of you to a massive essay!
Check out my own blog for some more detailed posts!
Thanks for having me,
A xxx

Leaving Belgium again.

Vacation for me stands for relaxing, nice weather and a lot more. The only little problem in Belgium is, that the weather isn’t nice at all. It is raining all day…Not that I make such a huge problem of it, but some better temperatures would be great. Therefore am I, my family and some friends going to South-France! Tomorrow morning around 4 AM we leave the shitty weather country.

To explain why I am such a baby face on this picture: This is from last year in the same hotel we’re going to this year also. I still remember the dog on the photo very good. I wonder if she’s still alive, because last year she was pretty sick.

You probably think I will leave you all bored with a non-active blog. Uh, uh..Wrong. I won’t be online, but guess what? I found two super nice guest bloggers who wrote a post for Curls and Clothes. The first post will get published on July 18th and the second one on July 20th. Sadly, after those two you will have two wait 8 more days for a new sign from me if I am still on earth. *Big smiley face*

Lastly I want to excuse me, cause I still haven’t shared my Paris haul with you. I swear I didn’t have the time to take picture, edit the pictures, write,… Remember that the reason isn’t because I am too lazy for blogging.

I hope I told everything you need to know. Hm, Oh well…You won’t die if I forgot something. See you within 12 days!

The liebster blog award.

I still know that I was talking about and thinking about getting a blog award all the time. And yeah, the time has come! I received my very first blog award, called: The liebster blog award. This award is given to new and upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. ( Nikiniknak  awarded me with this amazing award, thank you!)

What are the rules?

  1. Each awarded blogger must tell 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 question the tagger has created for you and create 11 other/ new questions for the people you’ll tag.
  3. Pick 11 people that you’re going to tag and link them on your blog.
  4. Check out their blog and of course…Let them know you awarded them!
  5. Tag backs are not allowed.

Eleven interesting -Or not- things about moi.

  1. People know me by my hair. Which is puffy, thick and curly.
  2. I sleep with my iPod -No, my iPod isn’t my boyfriend. I listen to music while I fall asleep.
  3. I have a quite big Louis Vuitton obsession.
  4. I try not to judge on people and not to discriminate.
  5. I have no daily make-up routine, because I only ‘make me up’ for fun and special occasions.
  6. I make my own jewellery, using polymer clay.
  7. I have no BFF, but I do have a lot of friends.
  8. I think I like reading, but everytime I start reading a book, I am already bored after the first 2 pages.
  9. I am not scared to say what I think. In particular, to teachers.
  10. I want a tattoo so badly. The only problems: I am just 14 and my mom doesn’t want me to have one.
  11. I am bad at making lists about myself. But aaah…Look! It worked out this time.

Questions from Nikiniknak

    1. Favourite expensive make-up brand?To admit, I don’t really buy expensive make-up. I am still young and I wouldn’t know where to get the money from. I did try Dior once, I liked that!
    2. Favourite budget make-up brand?That probably is Essence and Teeez. Essence is an ultra-cheap brand, where you can experiment with succesfully. Very lovely though! Teeez is a lil’ more expensive, but I don’t care about that. It honestly is the best make-up I ever tried/bought. 
    3. What country would you most like to visit?The USA!
    4. What made you want to start blogging?One of my friends already blogged a long time before me, without I knew it. When I discovered I thought it was pretty cool, so why not try it? Also, the ‘older’ I get the more I start liking all those cute and lovely cosmetics.
    5.  What one make-up product do you never leave the house without?  –No one. I only use make-up for fun or for special occasions, just like I explained before.
    6. Favourite skin care product?All the skin care products I’ve tried didn’t work the way I wanted it. So I guess I don’t have a fave yet.
    7. Dresses or skirts? –I both wear them a lot, but if  I really have to choose one…I pick skirts.
    8. Favourite food?Do you mean healthy or unhealthy food? Because I am kind of addicted to Milka chocolate with caramel. 
    9. What is your fave shopping website?There are a couple of sites I fell in love with, like: ASOS, Kukee, Jewelry by Jaymie,…Sadly enaugh, my mother doesn’t allow me to shop online. Really really stupid >:(.
    10. How do you care for your hair?As mentioned before, I have puffy and curly hair. It is quite hard to take care of it, but I think my hair is healthy, natural and good looking. As shampoo I use ‘Herbal Essence supermodel straight’, which actually is a very wrong shampoo for me. When I bought it I didn’t really read the packaging. Whole my life I have been using ‘L’oréal Paris Elseve Liss-intense’ as hair conditioner. I don’t know why, but I am kind of ”allergic” to other conditioners. 
    11. What is your diet and execise routine? -First of all I want to tell you, I don’t sport. I hate it so much, so no exercising for me. There always have been a small part of me who wants to become a model. That’s why I still look after what I eat and what I don’t eat. For example I drink a lot of chilled water so I use more calories. What has chilled water to do with using more calories? Well, when you drink cold water, your body wants to keep itselve warm. That way, I needs more energie and for energie you need…more calories. Understand?

My 11 questions, created by me.

  1. What blog are you ‘addicted’ to?
  2. What is your biggest blog turn off?
  3. What colour of eyeshadow do you like the most?
  4. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you bought? + What did it cost and what brand is/was it?
  5. What is you favourite fashion designer?
  6. What would you do if you won a 2 000 000 €/£/$ lottery?
  7. I you would dye your hair totally, what colour would it be?
  8. What does it mean for you to receive this award?
  9. Explain your personality in 1 word.
  10. What is your daily make-up routine?
  11. What piece of make-up do you hate so much, but never threw it away (yet) ?

Last, but not least..Who do I award/ tag?

FOTD: Let’s dance!

Normally when I do a post where I show you my new look I created, I don’t show any lips. But I thought it was time to start doing that. So today was thé perfect moment to experiment a bit with my make-up and end up with writing a FOTD post. The title of this look just ‘poofed’ in my mind, so why not use it?

For the eyes I used several products, such as my Vampire love palette by Essence, black waterproof mascara by 2B, Max Colors baked eyeshadow in brown-ish colours and my eyepencil from Teeez in the colour Glam (silver). Something that striked me at the first moment I saw this picture was my eyecolour. Do my eyes really look like that?!

Yes, finally there are some lips on this blog -Don’t dare to call it a ‘lipless’ blog now! The lipstick I used was a basic lipstick by Essence. Hmm…Let me think, what colour was it again? Oh, it is ‘Coralize me’, number 55. Normally I always go for dark sticks, so I guess I wasn’t really myself at the moment of buying it. With that I don’t mean that I do not like it…

Voila. Here I am, wearing ‘le look’. I admit it…I am kinda proud of this picture and of course the new look I created. I know that a lot beauty bloggers hate messy eyebrows, well then, that’s your problem! Because as you see I’m not giving a *shuus* about it ;).

Swatches: Cherry Pop coloured postick by Maybelline

My day can’t go wrong anymore. Because after all that time of nagging and being annoying to my mother, I finally got a popstick by Maybelline. Everytime I went into a shop and I saw that they sold the popsticks I sort of got hypnotized by it. I hesitated about which colour I would buy, tropical pink or cherry pop? At the last second I decided to buy cherry pop.

I know, I know…Every other blogger already wrote about this around a ‘century’ ago , but guess what? I don’t give a sh*t. Perhaps there is someone of you who still is so desperate to read this. Remember that this isn’t really a review, so I won’t be saying any good or bad things -Yeah, I actually will say some good things. If you really want a review just let me know in a comment.

I heard people saying this is a limited edition and I think I believe that. I am still not 100% sure, because they’re already selling them in Belgium for 2 months or longer. The thing that made my mom doubt was the price. We’re not the kind of people that normally buy that sort of ‘expensive’ cosmetics. The popstick cost me €10.76 -Right now I am pretty sure it’s all worth it.

The reason for loving this so much is because it looks more natural than any other lipstick , and … the smell is amazing, just like a real popsicle! When you apply this, you smell fruit all the time          -because yeah, when you’re not a peanut brained human, you should know your mouth is just underneath your nose ;).

What do you think about the popsticks? Do you own one too or have you tried it on? Let me all know in a comment! 

Summer blog is online!

In this short post I just wanted to let you know that my summer blog is online. On this blog I’ll be sharing -The not too private- pictures of all my trips and funny things I did. Let me tell you, there will be much pictures -Or that’s at least what I am going to try.

As you know I am back from Paris since Wednesday evening, so those pictures are already posted on my summer blog. Don’t worry, I planned to write a haul post this evening or tomorrow. That means: Stay tuned!

Le me being weird.

Paris, here I come!

Yay, another personal blog post. I am very sorry if you’re not interested in my life, everyone’s personal interests -Blink ;). I thought it would be nice of me for letting you know that I won’t be online here for a couple of days. I have a pretty good reason: I am going to Paris! Tomorrow morning -Really, really early- we leave Belgium for around 2 days. With saying ‘we’ I mean: Me, my mom, a friend of me and her mom -AKA my neighbours.

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School is over. Time to blog.

It has been quite a while since I really wrote a blog post. You could read the reason for that in one of my posts -I forgot which one, But if you look around: It’s a post with horrible, sick making pictures. But now, the impossible happened: It is summer vacation! If this doesn’t sound like fun for you, it actually is. Because now I have tons of free time to collect information, new things…So I can write!

One of my friends -Sounds like I am ultra popular- called Fee, from The Sparkling Blogette, had this wonderful idea to make a new blog where you can share your summer photos. I thought this was so great, that I’ll also be making a summer blog. The reason for doing this is just to not make your blog too messy. I will be sharing the link as soon as possible!

Lastly I want to ask you to do me a very small favour, that only takes one minute or less. Fee, my friend as mentioned before, entered a giveaway or contest (?) to win a Caudalíe skin care product. What they had to do was creating a look with the theme: ‘Red carpet’. As every normal friend I like her look the most. Now I want you to like the Facebook photo so she can win, Click here -Searching around the whole internet isn’t a very good option. 

When I think of red carpets I think if glamour. And glamour means gold, with an intense touch.  ~Fee