Blog reviews

 Review by Sophie Bolton
Firstly I love your header, it’s unique and really pretty. I like the range of colours and sizes of the bags! Really cute.
I think something that is really good are the pictures, they’re plain and simple. No fancy borders and they’re arranged nice on the page. Also, they are clear and easy to see, the pictures also are really pretty! Love your lip colour in ‘Let’s dance’.
I think your style of writing is really good, it’s factual, yet chatty. Also you come across as friendly and willing to share your knowledge with other people. You list everything you use, which is good. It can be annoying when you’re reading a post and you see  products you like, but have no idea what it is.
Next to all of that, I think your signature is sweet, it makes your posts unique.
There isn’t really anything i’d say improve on really, there’s just a lot of stuff going on at the right side of the page and it can be quite distracting, but other than that your blog is really nice, I hope it does well and flourishes.
Sophie xRe
–Go and check out Sophie’s blog! Another way to get in contact is Twitter, of course. (@_HelloSoph)–
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