There is someone I want to thank.

I know I have been off this blog a little while because of the block. And I am really sad about that. I can see how this blog is growing, in viewers and followers. This all is happening while I am not here or was.

I am writing this, cause I am back on Curls and Clothes…My blog! I have my pride back and I want to thank Sparkle Girls Life. She started a very simple blog hop not so long ago and by that way I reached a new blog record: Most new followers in one day. Yeah, you heard that right! I got 5 new ‘Supah coowl’ followers -Little inside body party. 

I suggest you to check out Sparkle Girls Life. You never know, perhaps she starts a new blog hop soon, right? Haha, don’t just go for that, not just to have a lot new followers -Wouldn’t that be a just a bit cowardly? She writes nice collection previews, hauls and a lot more. Just go discover it up there!



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