I am so horrible in introducing myself. It’s so damn hard to not make it boring for you, but I can try! Curls and Clothes is some kind of beauty and fashion blog, but there will also be posts about art. I do say ‘some kind of’, because I don’t know what I will all write about in the future -Nah, I don’t have any paranormal gift.

I live in the country side of a pretty small country, called Belgium. If you’re not great at geography, because you hate the teacher -Just like I do: Belgium is located in Europe. I fell in love with art since I was born. I simply need it. Better then that is when I combinate music with art. I draw, I listen…I forget all bad things. You’re probably wondering what kind of music I listen to, Well..I really love Apocalyptica, Metallica and BeirutI also ‘make’ my own music -Yup, yup-  by playing the cello and saxophone.

Next I also adore fashion. I already design my own clothing, but I have never made it in real. I am dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, but it’s so hard to get famous. When people ask me to share my designs my answer is very short: No. I am scared of copyright.

Besides all the things I do I told, I go to school, I make jewelry and charms, I blog and I eat -There is probably a lot more, but these are the most important ones!  Oh, and before I forget to tell you this: Before C&C I had 2 other blogs, but they didn’t go that well, I didn’t have readers and  you could see that I was a beginner, because of my writing style.

The old blogs are private, so I am not able to share a link of those, sorry. You probably wouldn’t like it at all! -Really, believe me. It was just a sh*tty page on the internet :)- 

Have fun reading my blog!


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