My summer nails

Usually I don’t wear nail polish depending on the seasons or celebrations, like: the 4th of July, Christmas,… And because I challenged myself in the beginning of the year to erase the old me, this needed to be tackled too. I told my black nail polish to make some space, cause new, bright colours were moving in -Yeah, baby! I am in the mood

Nail polish: Essence Colour&Go Mallow Yellow

To end this post I have another update. I know the word ‘update’ sound so bad, but you need to know this. Otherwise you’ll think I am dead -That’s not what we want, huh? I am leaving Belgium again. This time to a place I have never been before, called… England!

I will be spending a week with an English family, so my English can only get better! I don’t want to tell the exact place, but a little hint doesn’t hurt: It’s around 120km away from London -haha? The chance that I’ll be visiting London is pretty small. Therefore my heart is not broken, cause I guess there are a lot other and maybe nicer cities in England. Voila! That was it Hope you enjoyed. -I have the feeling I forgot something, grr


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