And yes, I’m not dead.

Oh damn, it’s getting dusty in here. Time to clean up I guess! It’s a new year -Happy New year!- and it would be great if I can start again from zero. Not that I’m deleting everything on here. Cunfusing? Let’s just say I’m back. Oh, you don’t have to remind me to the fact that this is what I always say and then let you down. Believe me, I do realise, but keeping high two blogs, a school life and my Facebook/twitter is like a full-time job -If I would earn money with that, I’d be a millionair. 

In the very beginning of ‘Curls and Clothes’ it was meant to make this a simplistic beauty-& fashionblog. I’ll be transforming this domain into a fashion-& Lifestyleblog. The reason to drop the beauty is, cause make-up and such isn’t my cup of tea.

Anyway, I promise that in future there will be blogged every week -Doesn’t mean it has to be me, friends are helping me at the moment. If you haven’t got any patience, just take a sneak peek at ‘It’s a Sarah story’.

Time for dinner here! Till the next time :)

Kisses, Sarah


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