61 days challenge

Spending too much money on things we don’t need? It’s something typical for girls. But we have to be strong and say ‘No!’ to the newest Marc Jacobs perfume or that cool handbag you saw in the display. For this reason I am starting a 61 days spending ban tomorrow. Believe me, I am ‘Miss-never-stops-spending-money-on-unneeded-things’. –Is that name too long?

 61 days is precisely the amount of days which go into the next upcoming months, September and October. In comparison to other bloggers I am a sissy, because I don’t do the 100 days challenge. I know I am not able to leave my money in my piggy bank for 3 months, then why try it? Even this will be hard and at the moment I am sure I won’t finish the challenge.

Other bloggers say that making rules for yourself makes it much easier. Not that I believe that, but I made some…

  • I am not allowed to buy cosmetics. I only experiment with it in the week-ends, so I guess I have enaugh.
  • I am not allowed to buy any cute keychain nor cute jewellery.
  • I am not allowed to order things online, unless my mom tells me I can order that thing I wanted for years!
  • I can only buy 2 magazines in the upcoming two month. -I am sorry, but I jus cannot ban myself from the magazines.
  • I am not allowed to buy candy or fizzy drinks. I can buy a bottle of water when it’s really necessary.
  • I can spend my money on art materials I need for my jewellery, school related things.

After this challenge and I succeeded… Time for a little treat. What I will be giving myself is still a mystery. Whenever I have an idea of something I’ll let you know in the weekly update I’m going to do about this whole ‘event’.

to end this post I want to challenge my friend, Fee. She’s probably not going to try this and think I am stupid, cause I really think she can do this. -Does this sound mean? Oh well, let’s be honest, Fee… We both know you don’t understand the meaning of saving money ;). 


4 thoughts on “61 days challenge

  1. Thanks a lot! :) And I am not being a sissy so I am doing the 100 day challenge. I’m actually quite sure I’ll finish though, we’ll see! :D
    Fee xx

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