61 days challenge

Spending too much money on things we don’t need? It’s something typical for girls. But we have to be strong and say ‘No!’ to the newest Marc Jacobs perfume or that cool handbag you saw in the display. For this reason I am starting a 61 days spending ban tomorrow. Believe me, I am ‘Miss-never-stops-spending-money-on-unneeded-things’. […]

Leaving Belgium again.

Vacation for me stands for relaxing, nice weather and a lot more. The only little problem in Belgium is, that the weather isn’t nice at all. It is raining all day…Not that I make such a huge problem of it, but some better temperatures would be great. Therefore am I, my family and some friends […]

Being crazy at the train station

Okay, I know that some people will probably won’t be interested, but I wanted to share a picture from my personal social life. I think it’s beautiful and I must share it (my brain tells me to). It is me and a friend (Fee from TheSparklingBlogette.wordpress.com) being bored and crazy in the train station. I love when there […]

The first sun

The weather still isn’t as I want it, but I think the genies have seen my post of yesterday. There is some sunshine! I was in the mood to go outside and take pictures of my new dress…Not a good idea, I am almost freezing now. It’s damn cold. besides that, my photos worked out […]

TAG: 50 random questions!

Is this my first TAG? I guess so… Well then, let’s make it a good one. It is a really simple one: There are 50 random questions and yes….you just answer them. I’ve seen this TAG on a couple of blogs, but I copied it from TheSparklingBlogette, Thanks ;) Maybe it can be boring for […]

Early morning post…

It’s Saturday, the busiest day in the week for me. Normally I go to the cello lesson, the saxophone lesson, art school and again…saxophone! That doesn’t sound a lot, but when you know the art school is 4h, the things are changing (a bit). Today it’s different. I do go to the cello lesson, but […]


Since a couple of months ago I have a small addiction…Magazines. I don’t know how this started. Earlier I wasn’t even interessed, I always looked over them in the stores. I hated going inside bookstores! But now?! I go dirrectly to the shelves with the magazines. I can stay hours there! I spend quite a […]