Leaving Belgium again.

Vacation for me stands for relaxing, nice weather and a lot more. The only little problem in Belgium is, that the weather isn’t nice at all. It is raining all day…Not that I make such a huge problem of it, but some better temperatures would be great. Therefore am I, my family and some friends going to South-France! Tomorrow morning around 4 AM we leave the shitty weather country.

To explain why I am such a baby face on this picture: This is from last year in the same hotel we’re going to this year also. I still remember the dog on the photo very good. I wonder if she’s still alive, because last year she was pretty sick.

You probably think I will leave you all bored with a non-active blog. Uh, uh..Wrong. I won’t be online, but guess what? I found two super nice guest bloggers who wrote a post for Curls and Clothes. The first post will get published on July 18th and the second one on July 20th. Sadly, after those two you will have two wait 8 more days for a new sign from me if I am still on earth. *Big smiley face*

Lastly I want to excuse me, cause I still haven’t shared my Paris haul with you. I swear I didn’t have the time to take picture, edit the pictures, write,… Remember that the reason isn’t because I am too lazy for blogging.

I hope I told everything you need to know. Hm, Oh well…You won’t die if I forgot something. See you within 12 days!


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