My button!

I just have my first button ever. I am pretty excited, because now I am able to do button swaps with you! Here in this post I basically just wanted to share my button and the HTML code, so you would know this in case we do button swap.  You can also just put this in your sidebar if you’re nice. …Oh yeah, now we’re talking about being nice: Whenever I read a goodlooking and ‘readable’ blog I’ll share this on twitter. You can also do this, Show that huge heart of you and make people smile!

After saying all that, it’s time to show the ‘masterpiece’….

And what are you without the HTML code, huh? Nothing, right! Here is the code..

<a border=”0″ href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=””/></a&gt;

I really promise that more nice buttons are coming soon -This was some kind of experiment. If you are thinking of doing a button swap and you’re looking for someone, then you can contact me by commenting or such. I’ll love to advertise your blogs! But remember, I have a maximum of 5-6 ads at the same time.


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