Favourites of the week #1 (+Introducing)

To introduce this 

First I want to say that this will be an (almost) weekly post -Please don’t shoot me when it’s not every week. The principle is very simple -Even a fish brained boy in my class would understand it. I am just telling you what I liked of all the ‘topics’ the most this week and why -Maybe not why, because this would get to long. Don’t understand it yet? Well, I’ll just start and you will get it as soon as…Something fast ?!

1. Blog  Le Beauty Girl

I actually just discovered this blog -Sorry to Ysis, that I didn’t found your great blog earlier. But from the first moment I was on there I fell (sort of) in love with it. Lebeautygirl.com is just a very neat blog. Weird enaugh the thing that striked me the most at the first moment was her super cool and simple menu of all pages. Guess what she blogs about? Yes, indeed. Beauty and and a bit fashion. Her photo’s are totally not as bad as mine are ;). What else to say about Ysis her blog? Nothing, just visit and you’ll discover a world of all ‘girlyness’.

2.Beauty …Nothing yet

This sort of posts just ‘poofed’ in my life so I didn’t really pay attention to this. I am pretty sure you’re thinking right now that I have peanut brains because I don’t even know what I all used of beauty stuff. ..Hm..Let me think…I you really want to know something, I used soap ;)

3. Food Strawberries with sugar

No, it’s not a brand it is just a nature produced product. Strawberries are available all year long, but now it’s getting summer so they’re a lot cheaper now. Our Belgian strawberries are still too expensive, So what…It’s my favourite fruit and believe me, No strawberries = No fruit. I am kind of unhealthy in that way. I don’t eat other fruits.

4. Music Apocalyptica – Path

As you could listen before in my latest ‘currently listening to…’ post, this song also was in there. At that moment it was still just some kind of great metal song, but now it got a total change. Everytime I listen to Path I visualize without really knowing it I am doing that. What I see I don’t really want to tell, because they’re my Dirty lil’ secrets… Nah, it’s not very dirty it’s just cute and in a way…DARK.

5. Fashion Wherever I may roam -Metallica

If you see the ‘title’ there, most of you are thinking of a song. Wrong! It’s a band T-shirt. I have really been into metal for the last weeks. Because they had no girl Apocalyptica tee I ordered a Metallica one. Yup, I ordered! Whoaa ;). It has that really dark and mean skull on it, but there’s still a girly touch added: Pink! -Don’t worry boys, You can still wear pink ;) –

6. Literature  Cathing fire

I am ‘reading’ two books at the moment. Braking dawn from the Twilight saga – which I am reading for about 2 years and I am still halfway- and Cathing Fire from the Hunger Games ‘collection’. I read The Hunger Games in one week and a half, so Cathing fire shouldn’t be a too big challenge. The first book didn’t end so well, that’s the reason I read this one. I. Just. Need. To. Know. What’s. Going. On. With. Peeta!

7. Application Twitter…Probably

I don’t find my iPod loader anymore, so that’s getting quite a big problem. If my iPod still would be ‘alive’ I would probably kill the Twitter app, because of using it too much. I like to stay updated, tell random sh*t,…. I am almost by the goal of 60 followers and I don’t want to bore people and let them unfollow. Understand?

8. TV programme Nothing, sorry

That is not what the programme is called, I REALLY have no favourite. We (my family) do have a flat screen, but I am the only member of the family who’s not using it. I kind of have no time to waste my time in front of that annoying TV. Sorry for the people who like watching TV, each has his own likes and dislikes.

9. Jewellery ASOS Spiked Cord Friendship Bracelet

Spikes always have been fascinating me. But I have not one thing with them on…Or wait, I do, but I can’t wear it. This bracelet is available on ASOS. It has pretty huge spikes on it and that will probably be the reason why I can’t have it from my mother. At school I also wouldn’t be very able to, they think it’s mean and too…Gothic -Nothing wrong with gothics! I <3 them. 

10. Photography I have to dissapoint you

Yeah, again…I have nothing to say about this. This week I haven’t take any pictures -Or at least no great ones. If you’re still so super interessed in my (sometimes) boring life and really want to see a picture to stare at….Here you go! It’s an old one…

I am laying in the grass together with my Oh-so-adorable rabbit, Remi. This has been taken in the winter. I hope that is some small explanation of me wearing that ugly coat.

Tadaa! And this has been my very very very …-1h later- … very very first ‘favourites of the week’ post. I hope you liked it and if you have any tips or things you would like to know, Just comment down ;)

Lastly I want to thank Ysis (Le Beauty Girl) for the nice idea of this post. There were probably a lot more people doing this, but she’s the one who I got it from! 


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