Currently listening to…

In my last ‘Currently listening to…’ post I just added pictures, because mostly they tell you a lot more than words. This time I want to tell some about. This will sound weird, but music determines my emotions. A sad song let me remember all the bad things that happened to me. A happy song…Let me remember of all fun stuff in my life. For example I can’t listen to ‘The river flows in you’ without crying, for some kind of reason it reminds me of my cat, Toulouse. (Don’t laugh, because for you she’s ‘just a cat’. For me, she was everything).  Okay, after a lot of ‘Blah Blah’, here’s the music….

Don’t you just love it? The live ‘effect’ is just wonderfull. As a little kid I hated this sort of music, now I can’t stop listening.

As you don’t know yet, I play the cello. This is a classic instrument. The most awesome fact about Apocalyptica is that they don’t play any classic music, but metal.

Last but not least, Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I am like a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games. I just heart it, and not only because it’s used in THG.


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